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Ensure your harvest can meet the nutritional needs of your family.

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With Harvest Planner, you can:

  1. Design a nutritionally complete diet for yourself and your family, with nutritional evaluations based on each person's characteristics.
  2. Select from over 130 different crops
  3. Estimate the area you need to grow this diet, based on yield sets of your choice and the number of times you can grow each crop in a year.


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With Phase One of Harvest Planner, anyone can design a nutritionally complete diet for their family, and determine the amount of area needed to grow that diet. Agricultural centers around the world, like G-BIACK in Thika, Kenya, Manor House Agricultural Center (pictured) in Kitale, Kenya, are regularly visited by the many small farmers they serve and can offer access to Harvest Planner.


Click here to see what features we want to include in the next version of Harvest Planner.

Your Donations Are Needed

If you like Phase One of Harvest Planner and want to help us develop the next phase of Harvest Planner, we would be EXTREMELY appreciative of any donations you can give.

Checks can be sent to:
PO Box 4095
Ithaca, NY 14852-4095