About Us

Harvest Planner is a project envisioned by John Beeby and developed by a very small team. We are raising funds to enable us to maintain Harvest Planner and also to develop new features (click here to read about them) so that it can be even more useful for farmers wanting to meet the needs of their families sustainably.

Harvest Planner

John Beeby

John has worked for many years on sustainable agriculture projects, is the soil fertility advisor for Ecology Action and John Jeavons, and helps farmers around the world improve their soil through his service, Grow Your Soil (www.growyoursoil.org).

John has written two books, Test Your Soil With Plants and Future Fertility, and has been working on Harvest Planner for over four years. He also is working to develop an online application to assist farmers understand how to improve their soil by correctly interpreting observations of their crops. He is a board member of The Sustainability Fund (www.thesustainabilityfund.org) and Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Demostración del Método Biointensivo de Cultivo en Nicaragua, Inc. (bionica.org), and is an Associate Editor for Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems.

John is currently a Masters student in Crop and Soil Sciences at Cornell University, where he also is an employee. John lives with his wife, Meghan, and their companion animals.

Ron Zasadzinski

Ron has managed programming teams developing websites and web applications since 2002 and is owner of the web design company CodeGeek.net in Fort Collins, Colorado. Ron and John became friends while both were attending Harvey Mudd College in 1985.



Raman Sinha

Dr. Sinha is a software engineer practicing, giving talks on, and teaching Ruby on Rails. He loves to ski, photo, bike, run, hike, climb, camp, wine, beer, Ruby, and love in the best place on Earth - Colorado - when he's not Doctoring or Software Engineering. He currently lives in the Boulder, Colorado area and tweets as http://twitter.com/velobuff on Twitter.



John Patzman

John is a highly experienced web designer and co-owner of the design company 1000 Robots. He has a degree in fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and resides in Denver, Colorado.