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Books by John Beeby

Bea 0029

Test Your Soil With Plants

This book shows you how to optimize your garden's health and productivity, simply by observing the plants growing in your garden. Learn what natural fertilizers lead to best soil health. Fully revised and updated edition.

Bea 0340

Future Fertility

We are beginning to realize what most farmers in history have known well - returning the nutrients in human waste back to the soil from which they came is essential for the sustainability of agriculture worldwide. This detailed and practical manual describes both established and innovative low-technology methods of safely and effectively recycling the nutrients in human waste. More importantly, it describes the principles behind the methods, and criteria that any method must meet for safety and sustainability. A must for a serious sustainable gardeners and those interested in transforming their waste into wealth in the future.



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Grow Your Soil

Why waste money on fertilizers your soil does not need? Why not improve your soil's health by giving it the nutrients it needs, using organic fertilizers and compost that are available to you?

With a Grow Your Soil™ organic fertilizer recommendation, you will be able to add the specific nutrients that your soil and crops need, and avoid adding those nutrients that are not needed. A Grow Your Soil™ organic fertilizer recommendation is simple to understand and allows you to significantly improve your soil with less cost to you.