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Intensive planting


Will you have enough compost to feed your soil?

As you design your diet, with the next version of Harvest Planner, you will not only see the nutritional output of your design, but you will see an estimate of whether the crops you select will be able to provide enough compost material to maintain and improve your soil's fertility.

Grow Biointensive farmers know this as the "70-20-10" or "60-30-10" calculation, which can be a cumbersome calculation to make by hand, especially as you changes crops and amounts while you design your diet and farm. Harvest Planner will be able to do this calculation automatically and update it with every change you make during the design process, so that you can be sure to not only meet your family's nutritional needs but also the needs of your soil.


Visual Layout of Your Farm or Garden

With the next version of Harvest Planner, after you have designed a diet that meets your needs and the needs of the soil, you will be able to see all your growing areas from a bird's eye view and choose what crops to plant in what areas, and when you will plant and harvest them.

With this ability, you can make sure you are rotating your crops well, and even more importantly, you will be able to better utilize your growing areas. Growing areas can be kept in production as much as possible to protect the soil, provide more nutritious food for you and your family, and more organic matter for your soil.


To read about all of the features we eventually want to develop for Harvest Planner, click to view the PDF (156KB).

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Conceptual screenshots of the next phase

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